Four COVID-19 cases in Abington; DPW advises against use of town parks and fields

Town Hall is currently closed to the public. (Photo by Ricky Collins)

Public health officials announced that four Abington residents have tested positive for COVID-19, as the overall number of cases in Massachusetts crossed 1,600.

The Abington cases are the town’s first officially diagnosed cases of the virus, and the number is expected to grow as the pandemic spreads and more people are tested. 

“I believe our cases in Massachusetts are going to continue to increase for the next 10 days until countermeasures take effect,” said Abington Health Agent Marty Golightly. “We didn’t start doing social distancing until about 10 days ago.” 

Golightly said town residents shouldn’t feel the need to take any additional steps solely because of the positive Abington cases. 

“If you are following all the guidelines set by the Health Department, Department of Public Health, and CDC it shouldn’t change anything,” he said. “Strict adherence to no group activities and social distancing is imperative. We need to be vigilant and take care of each other in Town more than ever.”

Abington Parks & Recreation on March 17 announced it was closing the town’s playgrounds out of caution. The Abington Police Department closed the two basketball courts on its property the following day. On Wednesday evening, the Abington Department of Public Works, which oversees the town’s parks, playgrounds, and fields, issued a notice advising “the public to refrain from using playground structures and fields until further notice.”

The turf fields behind the Middle School/High School will remain closed as long as schools are closed, according to Golightly. Residents can still enter Island Grove to exercise in or walk through, but can’t congregate as a group. 

“I would recommend everyone follow the intent of the governors gathering guidance and utilize good judgement and common sense,” he said. 

The Griffin’s Dairy Committee posted on Facebook Wednesday evening that they had been asked by the Board of Health to close the property until other town parks and playgrounds reopened.


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