POSTED NOV. 22, 2021

Notice of Community Outreach Meeting

Regarding Adult Use Marijuana Establishment

Bean Collective LLC.

1431 Bedford Street, Abington, Massachusetts

Time: 7:00 PM

Date: December 10, 2021

Place: 1431 Bedford ST. (Main meeting room)

Subject Matter of Meeting: Bean Collective LLC., a Cannabis Delivery Company intends to operate.

Address of our location: 1431 Bedford ST, Abington, MA 02351- South Shore Terminal Unit #2.


Notice is here given that Bean Collective LLC of 1431 Bedford ST, Abington, Massachusetts will conduct a community outreach meeting on the following matter on December 10, 2021, at 1431 Bedford St, in the main office at 7:00 P.M. Bean Collective LLC., intends on applying for a Cannabis Delivery Operator License at 1431 Bedford ST, pursuant to applicable laws and regulations promulgated thereunder, including those promulgated thereunder by the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission

Information presented at the community outreach meeting will include:

  • The proposed type of Marijuana Establishment to be located at the address
  • Information on how we intend to keep the location maintained and secured
  • Steps to be taken by the Marijuana Establishment to prevent diversion to minors
  • A plan by the Marijuana Establishment to positively impact the community
  • Information adequate to demonstrate that the facility will not constitute a nuisance as defined by law

Community members are encouraged to ask questions.

A copy of this notice is filed with the Town Clerk, at the Board of Selectmen’s office, and the Planning Board office, all located at the Abington Town Hall, 500 Gliniewicz Way, Abington, MA, and a copy of the notice was mailed at least seven calendar days to neighbors and abutters who are within 300 feet of the proposed location of Marijuana Establishment.


Donald Rodriguez


Bean Collective LLC

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