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It’s been quite an extraordinary year for The Green Wave Gazette, Abington High School’s student-run newspaper. The publication continues to grow its online readership and in the past school year it has received six Distinguished Site Recognition Awards from SNO (School Newspaper Organization) for Continuous Coverage, Site Excellence, Story Page Excellence, Excellence in Writing, Multimedia Excellence, and Audience Engagement.

“This is the first time since 2013, when they began publishing on the SNO platform, the Gazette has received the SNO Distinguished Site Badge,” said Patricia Pflaumer, the Green Wave Gazette’s advisor.

In order for a school newspaper to become eligible to receive an award, it must meet various criteria requirements.  According to the SNO website, the Best of SNO showcases the best student journalism from members of the SNO Network recognizing excellent works from students who put a lot of time and effort in hopes to inspire others with fresh ideas to the traditional news material.   The Green Wave Gazette is one of only five sites in Massachusetts and one of 35 states to receive Best of SNO.

“Last year the staff missed getting the award of Distinguished Site due to the badge for media, which seemed elusive,” said Pflaumer. “This year with the addition of The Weekly Wave team of Matt Lyons, Aaron Johnson and Derek Tirrell, students in the Journalism and Digital Production class, and more kids putting together slide shows and podcasts, they created more media coverage.

“Having completed all of the steps for writing, site, story page, and media excellence, as well as their excellence in continuous coverage and audience engagement, they became [an] SNO Distinguished Site.”

Multiple student journalists have so far received individual writing awards. Freshman Amaya Turner, who also has three Writing Excellence awards, won for her articles “Entering the World of Journalism and Politics,” “Cirque du Soleil Dazzles Again,” and “Love is Love.” Senior Megan McCadden won for her article “The Big Little Things.” Senior Emily Christian was recognized for her video coverage of “Helping out the Soupman.” And collaborating as a writing and video coverage duo, seniors Emily Christian and Haley Cooper for their coverage of the Jeffrey Coombs Memorial Road Race entitled “Coming Together for 18 Years.”

A total of eight articles written by seven students have earned writing excellence awards so far this year, said Pflaumer.

 “I think it’s so cool for such a small school. Other schools have journalism as a class and it’s not a class here,” said Pflaumer. “They do it because they love to write. I’m just so pleased.”

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– by Michele Christian

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