Parks closed. Keep it moving.

A sign letting people know that the Plymouth Street Little League field is closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s April, it’s springtime, and it hasn’t snowed in four days (and counting). But town health officials are still warning Abington residents to stay away from town parks and fields. 

“The parks are closed,” said Abington Health Agent Marty Golightly. 

The town closed all playgrounds on March 16 in an effort to prevent spread of the COVID-19 virus. But there had been some confusion about the status of the town’s parks and fields, such as Island Grove, Griffin’s Dairy, and the Plymouth Street Little League field.

Basically, said Golightly, a person can walk or run through the town’s parks and fields while exercising, but everything else is off-limits. That means no picnics, team practices, yoga classes, religious services, birthday parties, quidditch tournaments, LARPing, or anything that results in lingering in a town facility, and an increased possibility of spreading or contracting the virus.

“Just keep moving,” said Golightly.

Fishing off the Island Grove Memorial Arch bridge? Nope. 

Running around the perimeter of Green Street field? They prefer you didn’t.  

A family playing catch at Arnold Park? Sorry, please stay in your yard. 

Kicking the soccer ball around at the High School turf fields? Schools are closed, so school fields are closed. 

Ames Nowell State Park, which is owned and managed by the state Department of Conservation and Recreation, remains open to visitors.

However, Golightly said Abington residents shouldn’t feel restricted to their homes, so long as they keep their distance and be smart. “People should go outside and get moving. It’s good for your immune system,” he said.

(This article was updated on April 6 to correct the date the town’s playground closed, and who closed them. )

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