Spring is here! Send us your photos!

We can count on two things during this COVID-19 pandemic. First, if you don’t like the weather in the New England, just blink. Second, staying at home to stay healthy does not mean one is confined to the indoors.  Let’s take a break from Zoom calls and Google Hangouts and get outside!   The warmer weather was here at the beginning of the week and hopefully again next week and it will be a chance to throw open those windows, breathe some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors.  This week, we’re asking for readers to share their signs of spring photos.  Whether it’s a flower garden that’s starting to bloom, a robin’s nest spotted in a nearby tree, a family picnic in the backyard, pets enjoying the sunshine or other scenes of nature – send them to us.    

Email your photos to abingtonnews@gmail.com with a caption, names of all in the photos (pets included) along with the name of the photographer. 

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