Historical marker at Island Grove defaced

Vandals overnight spray painted the stone marker memorializing the location where abolitionists used to speak at Island Grove.

Town employees were able to remove the markings Thursday morning using graffiti remover, said Department of Public Works Director John Stone.

In the mid-1800s, Island Grove was a popular meeting spot for abolitionists. A bronze plaque set in a large stone now marks where famous abolitionists, including William Lloyd Garrison, spoke to crowds of thousands

This past Sunday, a number of Abington’s clergy and civic leaders recorded a “message of peace” at the stone encouraging the community to reaffirm its desire to be a place of inclusion, love, and justice.

There is no indication that the graffiti was connected in any way to the video or the racial strife enveloping the nation over the past few weeks.

The Abington News has reached out to the Abington Police for additional information.

DPW employees were able to remove graffiti from the historical marker at Island Grove Thursday morning.
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