Health, planning boards meet this week

Flu shots and pot shops are on the agenda for the Board of Health and Planning Board meetings this week.

The Planning Board meeting starts Wednesday at 6 p.m. at Abington Town Hall. The Board of Health meeting will take place Tuesday at 6 p.m. via Zoom.

The Board of Health will hear an update from Health Agent Marty Golightly about the town’s COVID-19 numbers, which have started to spike over the past couple weeks.

In addition, the board will discuss plans for a possible free flu clinic sponsored by the Board of Health. One question the board will consider is whether to offer pediatric flu shots as well.

The Baker Administration is mandating that all students under the age of 30 receive a flu shot before Dec. 31. Reaction to the mandate has been mixed between those who see it as a proactive public health policy to lessen the chances of a severe flu season in the middle of a pandemic,  and those who balk at more state-required vaccinations for their children. 

The flu shot clinics would not be mandatory, rather a way for Abington residents to get the vaccinations without going to their doctor, Golightly said.

Anyone with questions or comments are encouraged to contact the Board of Health office.

The Planning Board on Wednesday will again discuss plans for a retail marijuana shop at 1410 Bedford Street. Green Harbor Dispensary is proposing to tear down and rebuild about half of the existing structure. 

The board has voiced concerns about the proposed entrance way of Hjelm Street, which is an unpaved private way, as well as whether the site can safely accommodate enough parking.

The board is also scheduled to receive a status update on the former New England Art building. The structure is supposed to be redeveloped into more than 100 apartment units but there hasn’t been much progress. The fire department had previously held a series of meetings with the owner to ensure work was being done carefully to avoid setting off a major fire. 

DISCLOSURE: The author of this article is a member of the Abington Planning Board.

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