COLUMN: Ready to start an uncertain year

By Charlotte Hernandez

Covid-19 is like that seagull who steals your last french fry, except Covid has stolen more than french fries. It’s stolen the end of school years, playoffs, whole sport seasons, and much more.

But here we are, about to start the 2020-2021 school year. We all know what our parents, teachers, PTOs, and School Committee think about it. Not many people have asked what the students think. That’s why I am writing about my expectations and concerns about this coming school year.  

Charlotte Hernandez is ready for school in the era of COVID-19. (Photo courtesy of Heidi Hernandez)

I am personally excited to start the school year. Although I do have some concerns about what it’s going to look like, I do expect to have certain rules in place. I expect there will be a whole lot of social distancing going on in classrooms, at lunch, and in the hallways. But how will our class transitions, and drop-off and pick-up work? Will there be lines? Cones? Teachers lining the hallways? 

I also expect that we will be wearing masks all the time to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Even so, will we and when will we have mask breaks? And if we do have mask breaks, where will we have them? 

I do know there will be a lot less paperwork being passed around, but will less paper and group work cause the teachers to lead boring and dull classes? These are some questions I ask myself, some answers we might not figure out until we are back in school. 

Even though the coming school year may now seem a little questionable, the important thing is that for those of us who chose hybrid, we are going back to school. Hopefully we will be in the same classes as our friends, hopefully things will be as normal as possible, and hopefully we will ALL be back in school soon. 

Whether you opted for hybrid, full remote, homeschooling, or full-in at a private school, I wish everyone the very best for a great school year! 

Charlotte Hernandez is going to be an 8th grader at Abington Middle School.

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