Abington Celebrates event moves forward virtually

After months of planning for the widely anticipated drive-thru Trick or Treat Trail at Island Grove, Abington Celebrates unfortunately had to cancel the October 24th event after strong advisement from the Health Department. Last week, due to the recent uptick of COVID-19 cases, Abington was placed in the “red” zone by the state Department of Public Health denoting communities with a high number of cases.

“Although this was a drive-thru event there were still many moving parts behind the scenes, such as the number of participants which grew daily, the handling of carved pumpkins at Pumpkin Point, and the passing of treats to cars,” said Michele Christian, Public Outreach Coordinator for Abington Celebrates.

“We did not want to put the community potentially even more at risk.”

However, within hours of the cancellation announcement, the committee came up with an alternate family fun idea. With help from Abington Community Access & Media, Abington Celebrates will now host a virtual carved pumpkin contest called “Pumpkin Point Virtual.”

“Although we’re disappointed we can’t have our Trick or Treat Trail or Pumpkin Point events in person, we’re glad to have the option of doing the pumpkin contest virtually and perhaps reaching even a wider audience,” said Doug Ulwick, Abington Celebrates Events Coordinator.

The committee is asking the community to carve pumpkins and send in two photos: one photo with the family/artist with their carved pumpkin and one of just the carved pumpkin itself to abingtoncelebrates@gmail.com by the end of the day on Tuesday, October 27th to be eligible for the “Pumpkin Point Virtual” show. 

Along with the photos, contestants are asked to include the names of the artists as well as two or three fun facts describing their carved pumpkin entry.  A complete list of rules can be found on the Abington Celebrates Facebook page.

Later in the week, carved pumpkins will be shown on the “Pumpkin Point Virtual” show on Abington CAM.  Prizes will be awarded based on creativity and skill.  Judges from the Abington Celebrates committee will vote on eligible entries on the show itself.

“At first it was disappointing that another fun town event was postponed due to COVID19,” said Kevin Tocci, Executive Director of Abington CAM.

“It’s great that the Abington Celebrates committee was quick to find another creative way to bring the community together during this tough time. Abington CAM is looking forward to providing any assistance that Abington Celebrates may need and also broadcasting the virtual carved pumpkin contest.”

For updates and more information, visit Abington Celebrates or Abington CAM on Facebook.

(Written by Michele Christian, who is also Public Outreach Coordinator for Abington Celebrates.)

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