Abington gives thanks

In the most challenging year in decades, Abington residents still have reasons to give thanks

2020 has been a year like few others. A pandemic that’s claimed 245,000 lives, wreaked havoc with the economy, and taken away many of the traditions that make everyday life fun. A year filled with a level of social, political, and emotional turmoil not seen in 50 years. It would be understandable if our ability to properly celebrate the intent behind Thanksgiving this year was diminished.

But it is important to who we are as a society that we do pause, discern, and reflect on what we are able to give thanks for in our lives. Below is a collection of reflections from people in the community on what they’re giving thanks for this year.

Bob Wing

In a year that we have all had to face many challenges I am thankful for a lot of things.
I am especially thankful for my family, friends and the people in our life.
For the awesome team we have at Sub Galley. Without them I’m not sure how we would have be able to make it.
Thankful for our amazing customers who were there for us. Thank You!!
For such a great and caring community.
For all of the doctors, nurses and other health professionals and our first responders.

Nancy Reid

I am thankful for the courage of the medical workers who keep hangin’ in there to help all who are sick with the virus and I’m thankful that so far, no one I know has contracted it, including myself. Every year I give thanks for not having to worry about where to sleep, or where my next meal is coming from and I’m grateful for the many friendships I have made over the years, as well as for my neighbors who have been looking out for me since my husband, Curt, died.

Heidi Hernandez

One of the (many) things I am thankful for is our community. In good times and in bad, you never have to look far to find someone doing something good, kind or selfless. From quiet individual acts of kindness to large scale events, we are surrounded by people who truly care for and about their neighbors and our town. It truly is a special place and I am thankful we made the choice to raise our children here.

Board of Selectmen Chairman Tim Chapin

I am thankful for my family, I am thankful that we have been all able to stay healthy another year.  I am also thankful to live in a community that continues to show its true character in the toughest of times.  The good deeds, charity, and support given to one another when facing adversity is what makes Abington special.  I am thankful for all the volunteers on the Board of Health, and the School Committee who continue to go above and beyond to ensure us, and our children can return to normal as safely as possible.

Fire Chief John Nuttall

For myself, I am thankful for how well the Town has once again come together to weather a very challenging year for all involved.  Abington truly is like a large extended family who, while living and working next to each other always puts aside the minor disagreements and squabbles inherent in all families, and looks out for each other when it really matters.  We have seen firsthand the tragedies and angst this pandemic has brought on families.  Abington lost several residents early on; we have seen our loved ones separated from each other during hospitalizations; we suffered through funerals that did not occur; students separated from their classmates; and businesses trying to remain viable.  Through all of this Abington remained strong by overcoming these challenges with drive by birthday parties, virtual worship services, retooling the government and school buildings to reopen, overlooking small business fees when possible, and neighbors checking on each other, if even a bit further apart than normal.

This is the largest challenge for many of our generations, and I am thankful Abington has risen to help her people get through it, and I am sure we will continue to do so until this too has passed.

Katrina Park

During these trying times, I’m very grateful for the extra time I’ve been able to spend with my family doing things like taking longs walks, having movie nights, cooking competitions and playing board games.  I am also extremely thankful to have students back in my classroom even though it’s only part-time.  I am always happy to be with my students.

ACAM Executive Director Kevin Tocci

I’m thankful for good health along with the love and support of my family, both immediate and extended, not to mention the work being done by our first responders, medical personnel, local health and town officials. Finally I’m thankful and blessed to work and serve a great community like Abington via the cable studio.

Judy O’Brien

This has been a strange and unfamiliar year for sure but through it all we stayed strong. I am so proud and thankful for my family and the “Super Heroes” they all turned out to be. Personally, my husband and children held me up through the many losses our family had in a matter of a few weeks. My children and grandchildren have been champs handling each new challenge or change because of those “silly germs.” They have embraced every “new experience” and maybe “new tradition”  with excitement and total enjoyment!  I am thankful for the more intimate and creative experiences we have had as a family. As for our extended family, we have a doctor, nurse practitioner, PTA, multiple nurses in the ER, Covid, and Oncology floors, a radiology tech, a dialysis tech,  police officers, firefighters and EMT/Paramedics, too. Each has been on the frontlines and provided compassionate care while setting fears, lifestyles and conveniences aside. Some even moved away from family and children for a few months. I am so proud and thankful for each and every one of them and thankful for us being “Family Strong”!

Schools Superintendent Peter Schafer

I thank God for the health of my family and friends. I am thankful to be with so many people who care about others and getting us all through such very difficult times. I am thankful that there is light at the end of this tunnel we have all been in since March. 

Kathy & Jack Bailey

During this difficult time, Jack and I are both thankful to have each other.  We are thankful for our family, that they are working with us to stay healthy, and stay connected, though at a distance.  We are thankful for our friends who are more than willing to support us when needed.  And, last but by no means least we are thankful for the many sacrifices of all the first responders working for everyone every day.

Ellen Byrne Delany

I’m thankful for my family, friends, and this beautiful life that I have in this wonderful town. And my sister’s pumpkin pie!

Deputy Police Chief Chris Cutter

As you stated this was a very challenging year for everyone and I think we will all be celebrating (while we social distance) new beginnings come New Years Eve!  I’m most thankful for a healthy family, the support of the Abington community and for the resiliency my police officers have had.  As a police officer for over 30 years in Abington I’ve seen some tough times, however, this year was particularly challenging for law enforcement; from having to completely modify how we do our jobs in hopes of staying healthy and Covid free, to having to remind ourselves what we do really is appreciated by so many.  We saw the best in some, and the worst in others but through it all I think we all can learn and continue to prosper together! 

Health Agent Marty Golightly

I’m thankful for my family staying happy and healthy, the opportunities the US Navy gave me, and for all my friends who didn’t make it back with me.

Council on Aging Director Suzanne Djusberg

I’m thankful for our community for rallying for our seniors in a time of great need.  I am also thankful for my staff who delivered food, cooked meals, support the seniors with phone calls and outdoor visits.  I’m truly blessed with having them and so are the seniors.

Department of Public Works Director John Stone

I am most thankful for the staff that I am privileged to with on a daily basis. They have worked through the entire pandemic and we haven’t shut down once. They are extremely dedicated and the taxpayers of Abington are lucky to have them as am I.

Abington Board of Health Chairman Chris Schultz

I’m thankful for having a community of people around me who are passionate about helping people around them, and for having the opportunity myself to serve others.

Greg Eriksen

I think there is a lot to be grateful for this year, so I am giving thanks to all of the frontline workers who are putting the health of themselves and their loved ones at-risk day in and day out in an effort to help control the spread of this virus.

Abington Board of Health member Alex Hagerty

I am overwhelmingly thankful for my loving parents, brothers, my crazy family, my supportive friends, Abington’s INCREDIBLE Health Agent Marty Golightly and Health Department, all of Abington’s brave first responders and healthcare workers, and the great town of Abington. Our community has much to be thankful for. So make sure to spread love and joy this Thanksgiving to all!

Mary Hickey

I am thankful for our amazing community that has come together to support each other in these difficult times!  Abington Strong!

Town Manager Scott Lambiase

I’m thankful for my family and their good health.

Michele Christian

I am thankful for extra time I’ve had this year to spend at home with my three kids before they started college this past fall. I am also very thankful for those working on the frontlines: medical, police, fire, schools and retail who work extremely hard to keep all of us safe and healthy each and every day. I am thankful for family, friends and a supportive Abington community during our toughest year for sure. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving!

Rick Collins

I’m thankful for the continued health of my family and loved ones.

I’m thankful to people, like my wife, front line health care workers, first responders, and all those who have continued to leave their homes and go to work everyday so we can continue to function as a society.

I’m thankful I live in a town that sees the value of community togetherness and believes in the benefit of continually investing in itself.

I’m thankful my children are able to attend a school system guided by teachers and administrators who see education as their vocation and not simply a profession, and as a result are deeply passionate and earnest about ensuring my son and daughter receive the best education possible.

I’m thankful for everyone who has read an Abington News article, shared one with their friends and families, passed along news tips, and helped support this endeavor over the last seven months.

And I’m thankful for donuts. I’ve eaten a lot of them this year. Thanks donut makers.

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