Painting through a pandemic

New Abington art exhibit displays collaborative art works

It’s a collaborative art story as old as time: four artists with different backgrounds come together to escape a pandemic and work out frustrations and emotions while listening to 70s-era Nigerian disco.

The result is a series of vivid, eclectic, expressionistic murals on display this weekend and next at a temporary 2,000 square-foot gallery space located at the Lair Gallery within the Arnold Shoeworks

“It’s like some of the stuff from the 70’s, just virtually jam packed with everything,” said Adam O’Day, one of the four artists involved with the collaboration. “It was, if you kind of have an idea, do it, and if it doesn’t work, put something else on top of it.” 

The exhibit, “All The Silver And Gold,” is open to the public Dec. 4-6 and Dec. 11-13. Parents are able to bring their children. 

Because of the ongoing pandemic, and in order to limit visitors to one group at a time, the exhibit is by appointment only. Reservations can be made via Eventbrite, or emailing O’Day at

Masks or facial coverings should be worn while touring the exhibit. Windows and doors will be open in the space to allow fresh air to come in. 

O’Day, an Abington resident, teamed with friends who work under the names Cosmos, Merk, and Samurai. Cosmos and Merk are well-known local graffiti artists; O’Day and Samurai work in more traditional painting styles. 

They rented the space within the converted show factory for two months, put on the Nigerian disco music, and went to work creating 15 murals.

“I think it was more like therapy than anything else,” O’Day said. “Lots of laughing therapy. It was a good way to spend the last two months.”

The murals are 9-feet high and as much as 12-feet wide. O’Day said the point of the exhibit isn’t to sell the paintings, but they can be purchased. There will also be smaller prints of other works available for sale. 

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