Charges coming in LL field crash

A 39-year-old Rockland man will face multiple charges following a drugged driving crash at the town’s main Little League field.

Abington Police say the man was under the influence of drugs when he hit the gas pedal of his rental car while leaving Kimber Circle. He then drove straight across Route 58, plowed through multiple fences, continued across the grassy outfield, and launched off a pile of sand before crashing into a storage shed.

“[Abington] officers found evidence in the vehicle that supported probable cause to charge the operator with OUI drugs,” Deputy Police Chief Chris Cutter said.

The man, whose name wasn’t released, will be charged with operating to endanger, operating with a revoked license, wanton destruction of property in excess of $1,200, and operating under the influence of drugs. Cutter said police also filed an immediate threat notice with the RMV, which would allow the RMV to suspend his license indefinitely.

Cutter said the man was not previously know to police, and Kimber Circle is not known to have any drug activity.

As the crash happened on a raw January afternoon, instead of a warm summer evening, Robert Dursin Field was empty. The driver was transported to a local hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries, Abington Deputy Fire Chief Jack Glynn said.

The car had to be towed out of the storage shed, which is located in the back corner of the property.

The baseball field is owned by the Town of Abington and used by Abington Little League.

Three sections of fence at the field were visibly damaged Saturday afternoon. Tire tracks could be seen on the wet field and in the two-foot high pile of sand behind the field. The side of the storage shed was boarded up.