APD UPDATE: Feely honored; Sweeney retires

Officer Brian Feely has been named the Abington Police Department’s Officer of the Year.

“He’s a leader in the department and someone other officers look up to,” Deputy Chief Chris Cutter said in presenting the award. “We all have good days and bad days. But he’s a level-headed officer and always a positive person in the station.”

Feely has been an Abington police officer for three years and has become the department’s lead grant writer, helping draft successful applications for multiple grants, including one from the Stanton Foundation to fund the town’s new K-9 unit. Other grants include the Justice Assistance Grant which pays for additional patrols in town. Cutter said Feely also helps with court discovery requests, has served as field training officer for three of the department’s new officers, and also participates on the Metro Mountain Bike unit, which helps patrol large public events. 

“He’s a tremendous asset to the police department,” Cutter said. “Not only does he do an excellent job on patrol duties but he also volunteers himself for other tasks and duties around the department.

Cutter asked sergeants to submit nominations for the officer of the year award based on a number of factors, including how the officer is perceived by his peers, what he does to make Abington a better place, and how he embodies the mission of the department. 

Feely, who holds a degree from Assumption College, said he appreciates the support from his wife, Carolyn, and children, Andrew, Grace, and Sebastian, as well as his fellow officers. 

“I just want to thank everyone I work with,” he said. “We are like a family here, working alongside a great group of people makes it enjoyable to come to work everyday.  There has been so much positive change here since I started 3 years ago, I am blessed for the opportunities provided to me at the APD.”

Sgt. Ron Sweeney retires

Last Friday was the final shift for Sgt. Ron Sweeney, who retired after 33 years in public safety. 

“It’s bittersweet,” Sweeney told Abington News. “It’s time to go while I still enjoy everything I do.”

Sgt. Ron Sweeney retired last Friday after a 33-year career in public safety. (Photo courtesy of the Abington Police Department)

Sweeney has served as the department’s lone detective for the past five years, building up a web of connections that are important in solving crimes. He’s also had to investigate some of the town’s biggest tragedies.

“He’s going to be a big loss for the department,” Cutter said. “He is just going to leave a big hole.”

Sweeney worked in the department of corrections for 12 years, before becoming a Hull Police officer. After 13 years in Hull, he transferred to Abington five years ago.  

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