CHAT: Schafer discusses school reopening, MCAS testing

Abington’s classrooms are too small to host a full roster of students with current social distancing ruled im place, Schools Superintendent Peter Schafer said during a recent epsiode of Abigton Community Access & Media’s Community Chat

Rick Collins, of Abington News, served as guest host for the episode.

The interview was taped amidst a vigorous online discussion about sendinf Abington students back into the classrooms full-time now that the latest wave of COVID-19 infections is waning. A handful of nearby public and private schools districts have announced plans to return to in-person learning.

Under current guidelines, students must be situated between 3-6 feet apart. A classroom in Beaver Brook Elementary School can only hit 19 desks. During the interview, Schafer explains the challenges of safely spacing students out, and finding and staffing additional learning spaces.

Schafer also explains the anticipated schedule for the upcoming MCAS tests. Last year’s round of testing was cancelled as the COVID-19 pandemic took off. This year the testing will proceed, although in a reduced capacity.

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