ON THE STUMP: Pond announces candidacy for Board of Health

[EDITOR’S NOTE: To help promote this year’s Town Elections, Abington News will print candidacy announcements. If interested, please email your candidacy announcement to AbingtonNews.org. We will not edit the announcements, but reserve the right to request changes.]

A new Abington office-seeker has emerged on the scene with a run for Abington Board of Health.
Melissa Pond, a Community Development Planner for the City of Quincy, has more than 10 years
experience in government administration. Her notable achievements include dramatically
increasing community engagement and earning several professional development honors and
awards including two citations from the State Legislature.

“In response to the pandemic, I have resolved to further propel myself into positions where my experience with successful community based initiatives can inform and persuade decision making at a higher level,” Pond said in a statement. “I humbly ask for the vote and confidence of my
Abington neighbors at the polls on April 24, 2021.”

Pond holds a Master’s in Nonprofit Management from Northeastern University. She is engaged in two professional associations that provide her a national network of planning professionals through the American Planning Association (APA) and the National Community Development
Association (NCDA). She also serves in volunteer leadership capacity with the South Shore Hunger Network; Beth Israel Deaconess Milton Hospital; and the Blue Hills Community Health
Network Alliance.