ON THE STUMP: Abrams not seeking reelection

[EDITOR’S NOTE: To help promote this year’s Town Elections, Abington News will print candidacy announcements. If interested, please email your candidacy announcement to AbingtonNews.org. We will not edit the announcements, but reserve the right to request changes.]

I have given it much thought but have decided not to run for re-election for School Committee.

I am grateful for my time serving alongside a great group of fair minded and caring people. I have learned a lot and I have said a lot! In my heart I know I fought hard for kids, which was my main goal. 

It was a hard choice to walk away from that passion. But, I am hoping other members of our community are interested in serving.

Right now, I feel very much pulled towards trying to do some good in a different kind of way. It’s been a really tough year for so many of us. I have learned that I need my energy to go towards something that brings hope, warmth and light into the world. Because after all, we best take care of our little humans when we first take care of ourselves.

So, if anyone is interested you can find me at “Hope, Humanity & Sunshine” on Facebook. It’s a community yet to be built but I am excited to experiment with the outlet and to put myself out there in a different way. https://www.facebook.com/Hope-Humanity-Sunshine-101934651949826

I want to give a special thank you to the staff and administration of the Abington Public Schools. They listened earnestly and openly to feedback time and again and I am really proud of the ways we continue to grow and improve as a district. Our children are in good hands!

– Jaclyn Abrams

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