MIDWEEK UPDATE: New firefighters; 12-15 yo vax clinic; school budget finalized; health board vacancy

Fire Department introduces new recruits

Fire Chief John Nuttall this week formally introduced to the Board of Selectmen the Abington Fire Department’s two newest members: Matt Barry and Mike Concannon.

Nuttall said Barry and Concannon finished 1 and 2 on the state’s civil service list and is “very impressed so far” with both.

Barry is an Abington native, and Concannon is from Rockland. After being introduced, Barry received his firefighter pin from Stoughton Fire Lt. Jim Curtin, who is a family friend. Concannon received his from his mother, Elaine. Both will soon attend the state firefighter academy, Nuttall said.

New Abington Firefighter Matt Barry receives his firefighter pin from family friend Stoughton Fire Lt. Jim Curtin.
New Abington firefighter Mike Concannon receives his firefighter pin from his mother, Elaine.

Vaccination clinic for 12-15 yos

On the heels of the CDC clearing the Pfizer vaccine safe for 12-15 year olds, Abington is scheduling a vaccination clinic for all students ages 12+. The clinic will be held next Wednesday from 2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. at the Middle/High School. Anyone interested can email Sarah LaPointe at Sarahlapointe@abingtonps.org. The vaccination clinic, which is not mandatory, is being coordinated by the Abington Health Department, Abington School Department, and Abington Fire Department.

School committee finalizes budget

The Abington School Department budget contains money for eight new positions to handle continued growth in the student population and an increased number of English Language Learners. Town Meeting voters on May 24 will be asked to approve a nearly $26.5 million school budget for the fiscal year starting July 1, which represents a 4.43 percent – or $1.12 million – increase over this year’s budget. Of that increase, $875,000 will go towards higher personnel costs; $598,000 is for contractually obligated pay hikes, and $258,000 for the new hires. The new positions include an English Language Learner teacher, a STEAM teacher, and a grade 5 teacher at the Middle School/High School; a special education teacher, a special education paraprofessional, a kindergarten teacher, a kindergarten paraprofessional, and a grade 1 teacher at the Beaver Brook Elementary; and an additional IT technician. The kindergarten, grade 1, grade 5, and STEAM teachers are needed to reduce class sizes from 29 students to 24, Superintendent Peter Schafer said. The School Committee approved the budget proposal unanimously at its meeting Tuesday night.

Truck ban for Summit Road

Selectmen Monday night also approved a truck ban for Summit Road. Residents complained last year when Amazon tractor-trailers started using the road as a shortcut between a Route 18 trucking terminal and Route 139. (Supposedly they were being directed down the road by a mobile mapping program as a way around Route 18 construction) The Amazon trucks are apparantly no longer using the terminal, but the town moved forward with the truck ban anyway. Before the town could put the truck ban in place, it had to conduct a traffic study and seek permission from the state.

Board of Health vacancy

Alex Hagerty’s ascension to the Board of Selectmen means there is a vacany on the Board of Health. In accordance with the town charter, the Board of Health and Board of Selectmen have officially posted the vacancy and are scheduling a meeting for June, at which time they will consider who to appoint to the open seat. Anyone interested in serving on the Board of Health must apply by May 27th at 4 p.m.

Town Meeting materials

A reminder: Town Meeting is Monday, May 24.

Here is a link to the Special and Annual Town Meeting warrants.

And more information on what attendees can expect at Town Meeting.

Abington News will have additional information on the budget and warrant articles in the coming days.

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