Finance Director Moquin leaving Abington

Susan Moquin, Abington’s Finance Director and Assistant Town Manager, will leave her position in September.

Moquin will become the new Finance Director for the Town of Carver. She will be reunited with former Abington Town Manager Rick LaFond, who is serving as that community’s Town Administrator.

 “I have been blessed to work with the employees and citizens of Abington,” Moquin told Abington News. “This was not an easy decision because of the people I have shared the last nine years with and will no longer have the pleasure of being with everyday.”

Scott Lambiase, who started as Town Manager in May 2020, said Moquin was an invaluable resource during his first year, helping the town deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as finalizing a pair of budgets that avoided layoffs and maintained services.

“We absolutely wouldn’t be in such good shape if we had not had Sue here,” he said. “She is definitely going to be missed.”

Moquin started as Abington’s Town Accountant in 2012 but gradually took on additional responsibilities under LaFond, such as overseeing procurement and driving budget preparation. Lambiase earlier this year named her Assistant Town Manager to reflect her growing portfolio of responsibilities, including managing a number of personnel issues as well as general town hall operations.

“She does a lot of different things around here that keeps things running,” said Lambiase, who added that he tried to keep Moquin, but couldn’t match Carver’s offer.

Finance Committee Chairman Matt Salah also praised Moquin’s efforts.

“It’s a big hit, for sure,” he said. “Sue has been great about both doing the hard legwork of putting the budget together and helping people in other departments get all the numbers they need, but also of providing us with all the numbers and details we ask for.

“Hopefully we can find another Town Accountant … that can be up to her level.”

While the town will start looking soon for a new Town Accountant, Lambiase is less sure about how Moquin’s other responsibilities will be redistributed once she departs.

Lambiase has said he may ask Town Meeting next spring to approve hiring a Personnel Director or Town Planner, or both, depending on budget numbers. Both areas have been identified previously as areas in need of full-time staff.

Moquin will be the third department head to depart the town in four months. Building Commissioner Marshall Adams signed a severance agreement in June. Police Chief David Majenski is scheduled to retire August 31.

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