Flooding possible Wed/Thur in Abington

An encore performance of the “Sump Pump Serenade” is expected to echo across Abington neighborhoods Thursday morning as yet another super soaker storm passes overhead.

The remnants of Hurricane Ida is expected to blow through town Wednesday night and Thursday morning, dumping as much as 4 to 6 inches of rain across the region, according to the National Weather Service.

Rainfall projections from the National Weather Service for Wednesday/Thursday

There is a 20-50 percent “probability of excessive rainfall leading to rapid onset flooding” in Abington and Plymouth County, according to the weather service.

Probabilities for flash flooding Wednesday night and Thursday morning

Green Wave lawns and gardens are still soft after one of the wettest (and most humid) summers in recent history.  Greater Boston has received nearly 20 inches of rain this summer, more than double the average rainfall across June and August. Abington received more than 2 inches of rain when what was left of Hurricane Henri passed by last week.

Public Works Superintendent John Stone urged residents to make sure their sump pumps are working ahead of the storm, and that discharge hoses are not draining into public roadways. 

And while public works crews have already cleaned out the town’s 1,800 storm drains, Stone asked residents to check drain grates near their homes to ensure they aren’t blocked by any debris.

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