COACHES: Head – Matt Campbell; Assistant – Nick DiPrizio 

CONFERENCE/DIVISION: South Shore League, Sullivan Division 


Twitter photo credit: @abingtontf; @c6billphoto


Enver Amboy (Sr.)

Enver has become the face of hard work and dedication to this program over the years. As a freshman, Enver finished in the bottom third of the league and to start his senior year he has become one of the top runners in the South Shore. He has put in thousands of miles and I couldn’t be prouder of his success.

Mike DeBono (Sr.)

Senior Mike DeBono has become one of the vocal leaders of both the Cross Country and track teams over the last few years. He recently had a breakout performance at the meet vs Norwell and looks to continue his strong Senior season.

Besides just Enver, Mike, and Aiden we are lucky to have some other great hard working and positive seniors on this team who help model and lead the underclassmen. Casey and Collin Hammill, Owen Hagerty, Dan Murtagh, Kaiaam Mohammed. When almost 50% of the team are seniors, it will certainly create a void next year but they are so important now in creating a legacy out of the environment they have made. 

Seniors Aiden Ryan and Colby Boyle’s leadership has been highly valued as we enter the tough stretch of the season. It’s crucial to stay motivated and positive, these two help immensely in that regard.

8th Grader Max Wilkinson 

Max was the first 8th Grader that joined the program in school history and in his first race was our #1 runner. After less than a month of being on this team, he has become one of the fastest underclassmen in the entire league and we are so excited to see him flourish for the next four years.  


Twilight Meet on October 15th at the Cape Cod Fairgrounds is a meet both teams are very much looking forward to. The meet is run at night and between the strong competition from all across the state, to the LED lights and music throughout the course….we are very much looking forward to this great opportunity.  


Like any Cross-Country program, lots of the success of the team stems from how productive the runners were over the summer as they build their cardio base. For those runners who were dedicated to training throughout the summer, they are seeing that hard work pay off in the form of their performances and current training levels. 

As cliché as it might sound, what is at the top of the list of things to prioritize throughout the season is keeping each runner’s mindset in a good place. Running is hard enough as it is, and with these athletes juggling school, college decisions, a job, along with their personal lives…the cross country season can be a mental grind. Keeping practices upbeat, having small goals throughout the season, and doing everything we can to make running this much not feel like a chore can be tricky. I give all the credit to these incredible athletes, Cross Country rarely gets the praise it deserves and these runners show up everyday with motivation and determination to succeed.  

Staying healthy is also at the top of our priority list. It is incredible difficult to run four years of High School cross country without sustaining some level of overuse injury. A sore muscle can quickly turn into a nagging injury or a season-ending one all too quickly. The runners on this team have become very conscious of prevention strategies and our tremendous Athletic Trainer Alicia Reid have been instrumental.