Snow foolin’: potential historic storm coming

Blockbuster. Historic. Whopper. All the storm-related adjectives are being used to discuss the storm that will hit Saturday.

All forecasts seem to agree that Abington and the larger South Shore will see at least 18 inches of snow, plus hurricane-force wind gusts. But the town could also be in the sweet spot and see snow fall at 3-plus inches per hour.

“It’s supposed to be a tough storm with wind gusts over 60mph and snow totals up to 2 feet or more depending on where the heavy bands set up,” Public Works Director John Stone said. 

The good news is that this won’t be a heavy, wet snow, but rather very fluffy, which is one reason the snow totals could be so high. 

“The average ratio of water to snow in inches is 10 to 1. This storm should come in at close to 15 to 1,” Stone said.

Some tidal flooding is expected in coastal communities. The Shumatuscacant is not expected to experience any flooding.

A warning from the Abington Police Department said that travel could be “very difficult to impossible” and that strong winds could cause “extensive tree damage.”

A fall storm knocked out power to the town for more than two days. Temperatures will be below freezing on Sunday and just above freezing Monday. It could warm up into the 50s by Thursday.

“Residents should prepare for power outages,” Stone said.

Abington’s salt sheds are fully stocked with more than 600 tons of road salt, and town vehicles are gassed up and ready for whatever happens.

“We are loaded with salt, the contractors are ready to go and most importantly our awesome staff is ready to go,” Stone said.

Residents are asked to avoid parking in the road until plows have cleared the snow.

The Abington Fire Department posted on its Facebook page a number of recommendations:

1.Charge all phones, flashlights and other rechargeable essentials.

2.Please keep all vent pipes for heaters clear of all snow.

3.If using a generator during a loss in power, please keep generator 15-20’ away from any windows or vents. DO NOT use generator in a garage or connected building to your home.

4.Please clear 3’ in all direction around the nearest fire hydrant near your home. Any delay for the fire department to locate and access a hydrant could hamper firefighting operations.

5.If using a snowblower, DO NOT reach into a snowblower to clear snow jams, EVEN IF ITS TURNED OFF.

6.Visibility may be very minimal due to high winds. Remember that plow drivers may have difficulty seeing anyone at the end of a driveway near the street.

Courtesy of the Abington Fire Department

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