Drama Club presentation of LOCKDOWN shows ‘our reality’

The Abington High School Drama Club could have chosen to perform a fun one-act comedy for their March performance.

But it didn’t feel right. Instead they chose to tackle something much heavier and personal: school lockdowns and the specter of an active shooter.

“We chose this one because it really speaks to how life is right now,” said Colin McDermott, a sophomore.

His fellow castmates agreed.

“This is the stuff we talk about all the time,” said Acadia Manley, a junior. “It’s our reality.”

LOCKDOWN is a one-act play, written by Douglas Craven, that takes place in a high school classroom. The characters are unsure whether it’s a drill, if there is a real threat, and if they should shelter in place, and they all respond to the situation differently.

Senior Will Charbonnier said the characters vary enough that many of those who attend will likely see themselves in or respond strongly to one of them.

Performances of LOCKDOWN will take place Thursday and Friday at 7 p.m., in the High School Auditorium. Tickets are $5.