Tuesday is Primary Day – Go Vote!

Lost in the clatter of Labor Day Weekend, the start of school, fall sports, and everything else, is that Tuesday, Sept. 6 – tomorrow – is state Primary Day.

Voting will take place from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Beaver Brook Elementary School gymnasium. Registered Republicans must take the Republican ballot. Registered

Democrats must take the Democratic ballot. Unenrolled voters can choose either ballot without it impacting their enrollment status.

Here are sample ballots for Abington voters:

Both parties have competitive races at the top of the ticket: governor and lieutenant governor. Republicans also have a congressional race to decide. Democrats also have competitive elections for secretary of state, auditor, attorney general, and county commissioner.

There will be temporary traffic rules in place, as voting will take place on a school day.

Voters should only use Ralph Hamlin Jr. Lane to access the school, not the school’s second driveway where student pickup and dropoff takes place. Unlike in past elections, voters cannot park along Hamlin Lane, or in any school parking spaces. Instead, all voters should park in the new parking lot created on top of the former tennis courts.

Supporters of candidates will not be allowed to stand out along Hamlin Lane either, according to Town Clerk Leanne Adams. They will be directed to stand near the softball field snack shack.

Voters can walk along the roadway adjacent to the softball fields to the back of the school gymnasium. The ramp entrance will not be used as it has in previous elections because it leads to areas of the school that students will be using. A temporary ramp will be in place around the back entrance.

Disabled voters can drive around to the back of the school and use parking spaces close to the rear gymnasium door.

Adams said 129 registered voters have already cast ballots during early voting.

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