TOWN MEETING LIVE: Updates from the 9/27 Special Town Meeting

We’re LIVE from the Abington MIddle/High School Auditorium, and IF the 150-person quorum is reached, we will be providing coverage of the proceedings.

More to come…

7PM It’s officially 7 p.m., and there’s still plenty of good seats available. No word yet on whether a quorum has been reached.

7:06PM The public pleas apparantly worked: a quorum has been reached and we’re going to get things moving shortly.

ARTICLE 1: Building Department Budget

Passed with no questions or debate

Article 2 – Cable Access Fund Appropriation Revision

Passed unanimously with no questions or debate.

Article 3 – Account consolidation

Passed with no questions or debate

Article 4 – Sewer Force Main

Passed over

Article 5 – CPA Land Purchase – Orchard Lane

Passed unanimously with no questions and minimal comment. The final motion included language that the land can only be used for open space and “passive” recreation, and that it was being placed into conservation “in perpetuity.”

Article 6 – Pay an Old Bill 

Passed unanimously. There was a question about the language “or take any other action relative thereto.” Moderator Shawn Reilly asked that it was to give Town Meeting some wiggle room in case small changes had to be made to the article’s wording.

Article 7 – Transfer Land To Conservation 

Passed unanimously with minimal comment in favor. 

Article 8 – Union Contracts

Passed unanimously with no questions or debate

Article 9 – Plastic bag ban

Town Meeting loudly rejected the attempt to rescind. Many speakers actually voiced interest in pushing the ban further, to cover additional types of single-use bags. More details on the comments coming shortly.

7:40 PM: Special Town Meeting adjourned

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