WHAT’S HAPPENING? An update on projects around Abington

228 Washington Street

This former farmhouse, turned two-family home, sat in disrepair for years before finally being torn down last month.

What will be built in its place is unclear however. Back in 2018, David Federico, a Needham-based contractor, received needed permits from planning, conservation, and zoning to build three townhouses on the site. However, the zoning permit expired the following year, according to the Building Department. Then COVID hit in 2020. Then Federico passed away in 2021. The Building Department says while Federico’s company filed demolition permits, they haven’t yet filed for permits to build anything new.

Abington Public Library

The roof at the Abington Public Library is being reshingled after 25 years of wear and tear. The stacks of shingles that occupies a portion of the parking lot demonstrates just how big the roof is: 18,000 square feet of coverage. Town Meeting approved money for the $900,000 project, which includes an insulation upgrade, this past spring. It’s scheduled to be done later this month.

714 Bedford Street

The address has been home to a number of businesses over the years: Lampworks, Eclectic Collection, The Other Side of Dempsey’s, and Regina’s Beauty Salon. Now it’s undergoing its biggest renovation in decades as it readies to become a state-of-the-art dental office. Legacy Dental Services, the parent company of Abington Dental Associates, which is currently located across the street, is behind the project. It includes a complete interior renovation, a new commercial space on the south side of the building, and an upgraded stormwater drainage system.

Graham Baseball Field

It all goes back to the gravel track that used to ring the historic Memorial Field football field. The track was mostly removed 20 years ago. However a depression remained behind the left side of the infield in short right field. Over the years, a larger and larger lip formed along the edge of the infield to the point that the field, which used to be a favorite for local teams, fell out of favor, according to Athletic Director Peter Serino. In addition, the pitcher’s mound had evolved into more of a pitcher’s plateau; the rubber was the correct height but the land around it had risen. The town contracted with R.A.D. Sports to essentially level and rebuild the entire infield, including the pitcher’s mound, as well as install a concrete pad for the aluminum stands. The work, which comes to about $83,000, is being funded through federal ARRA dollars.

A lip between the infield dirt and outfield grass created drainage issues on the varsity baseball field.
The rebuild infield of the varsity baseball diamond.

1410 Bedford Street

It was supposed to be home to Abington’s second retail cannabis shop. But once contractors started dissembling the former home of Country Treasures and Beyond Graphics, those plans went up in…eh, you get it. According to town officials, the demolition work was done so haphazardly that it had to issue a cease and desist order and kick out the resident living in the attached building. Green Harbor Dispensary, which operates a cannabis shop in Middleborough, is supposedly going to be filing plans for an entirely new structure soon. That new plan will have to go through the local permitting process all over again.

678 Adams Street

Converting the former home of Wayne’s Sleep Shop into a modern, secure cannabis retailer has taken more effort than originally expected, but CannaBarn CEO Mike Nashawaty is still bullish about the business. The century old structure has been completely gutted, structural beams replaced, and had a farmers porch added. Outside, the parking lot has a new stormwater drainage system, and will be paved for the first time. And a new fence separates the property from its neighbor. Nashawaty hopes the state will give final approvals in the first quarter of 2023. Meanwhile he hopes to start interviewing prospective employees by the end of this year.

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