Abington voters split ballot in busy day at polls

Abington retained its reputation as a purple town on Election Day, voting mostly in favor of Democrats at the top of the statewide ballot, while also supporting a number of regional Republicans and rejecting three of the four ballot questions.

About 65% of the town’s 10,000 registered voters cast ballots, including 3,600 in person on Tuesday. The current results include all early voting ballots received as of Tuesday, according to the Town Clerk’s Office. Mail-in ballots postmarked Tuesday can still be counted if received by the Town Clerk by Saturday.

Abington voters chose Democrats Maura Healey for governor and Andrea Campbell for attorney general, and Republican Anthony Amore for auditor. In addition, they voted to reelect Democrats William Galvin as secretary of state and Deborah Goldberg as treasurer.

Of those choices, only Amore lost the  statewide race, with Democrat Diana DiZoglio winning the Commonwealth.  

Abington voted to send Congressman Stephen Lynch, a South Boston Democrat,  back to Capitol Hill, and state Senator John Keenan, a Quincy Democrat, and state Representative Alyson Sullivan, an Abington Republican, back to Beacon Hill. Sullivan received the most nods of any candidate with a contested race on the Abington ballot, collecting 4,612 votes.

In the race for Plymouth County Commissioner, it appears Abington voters gave the edge to Republican incumbent Sandra Wright over Democratic challenger Alex Bezanson by seven votes, 3,128 – 3,121. Bezanson is the current chairman of the Abington Board of Selectmen. Wright appears to be leading county-wide, according to AP numbers. 

Abington also joined with Plymouth County to give District Attorney Timothy Cruz another term.  Sheriff Joe McDonald did not have an opponent.

For the ballot questions, Abington voters said No to Questions 1, 3 and 4, and Yes to Question 2. Statewide, voters approved questions 2 and 4 and rejected Question 3. As of noontime Wednesday, Question 1 was too close to call.

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