Replacement trash barrels available at Health Department

By Nicholas Calvino, For Abington News

Due to the large response from residents, anyone requesting replacement barrels is asked to fill out this form. Requests for additional barrels can be made here.

Residents in need of new trash barrels can now reach out to the Health Department.

Deliveries of new barrels had been delayed for a couple of weeks due to a supplier issue. But stacks of the heavy-duty green barrels are now in Abington. 

All trash in Abington must be placed curbside in one of the large green barrels with green lids. Recycling must be placed in the barrels with yellow lids. 

The town first distributed the barrels 12 years ago and some have to be replaced due to wear and tear, weather, or hungry critters.

Replacing trash bins is important so garbage isn’t falling out of them. 

“It’s good to have extra, backup trash bins so we can replace the old ones that are on the streets,” Health Agent Chris Schultz said.

Photo courtesy of the Abington Health Department

There is no charge to replace a broken trash bin unless it’s done with willful destruction, Schultz said. If only one bin is broken the health department will just replace the one bin.

Residents can also request additional trash bins. The cost for those bins are $150 up front, and then $75 annually.

Residents can get these new trash bins from Town Hall and pay with checks or utilize the online pay system located here:

Unipay only takes payments of $75 dollars, so you have to enter for the initial purchase twice, Schultz said

The Health Department can be reached at 781-982-2119. 

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