GREEN WAVE PREVIEW: Golf team leaning on new coach, strong senior class

TEAM: Golf (currently 4-1)

COACHES: Head Coach: Jason Scott (1st yr) Assts: Matt Henrickson (JV), Nick DiPrizio (Volunteer Asst.)

PROGRAM SIZE: 21 golfers

KEY PLAYERS: Captains are Evan St. Martin and Jonathan Halpin.

In addition to them, key players are Hunter Grafton, Tim Ballum, Zachary Buccigross and Robert Laracy. 

We also have a large core of high character seniors that will rotate through matches and show the underclass how to carry on the legacy of the program after they graduate. This includes Pat Cummings, Ryan Dwyer, Henry Rogers, and Henry Sage.

CIRCLED MATCHES: All league matches are important. With the re-alignment of the league, we play Carver, Cohasset, East Bridgewater, and Mashpee twice. As an alumni of the Rockland golf program (Class of 2000), I’m excited to play that squad twice, as well.

KEYS TO SUCCESS THIS SEASON: Our main focus has been mental strength and playing smart golf.  Every player makes mistakes; golf is hard.  The best players are able to move on to the next shot with focus and intention.  Another core value is respect for the game and respect for our opponents.

WITH A STRONG SENIOR CLASS, HOW DO YOU GET THEM READY TO MAXIMIZE THEIR POTENTIAL THIS SEASON?: If we control the things within our control, the season will be a success regardless of our record or individual results.  They know what they’re playing for and what is important to them. My job is to put them in positions to be successful.

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