STM ’23: Southfield zoning change approved

Moderator Shawn Reilly announced there is a quorum and that the Special Town Meeting will start momentarily

ARTICLE 1: Opioid Settlement Stabilization Fund

A resident asked how much money is in the fund, who is managing the fund, and how much that person is getting paid.

Scott Lambiase said have more than $120,000 received and that the Board of Seelctmen has formed a committee to oversee it similar to the Community Preservation Act funds. “Ultimately it will be up to Town Meeting,” Lambiase said.

Town Meeting approved it unanimously.

ARTICLES 2, 3, 4: Southfield Zoning Changes

Moderator Shawn Reilly said he will allow Articles 2, 3, and 4 to be considered together.

FInance Committee Dan Eddy said his board deferred to the Planning Board for its recomendations. Liz Shea, the town’s Assistant Town Planner, said the Planning Board supports the articles. Selectmen Chairman Alex Hagerty said the board voted unanimously to support the articles.

John Twohig, of New England Development, part of the master development team, is addressing Town Meeting.

Residents are currently peppering project officials — and town officials — with detailed questions ranging from water, sewer, school impacts, environmental impacts.

On a voice vote, Town Meeting has approved the zoning changes for the Southfield Development project. More details about the debate to come later.

ARTICLE 5: $38.5 million FIre Station/DPW Complex

Discussion is underway…

Fire Station/DPW Building Committee Chairman Derek Haimaidi speaks before Town Meeting

Fire Station/DPW Building Committee Chairman Derek Himaidi is giving some background on the project. He says the first proposal checked in at more than $70 million. It was then reduced to $58 million and then to $38 million. The two existing stations will be sold. The DPW building will consist of 13,500 square feet, which is 3,000 more square feet than existing facillities. The fire station plan is big enough to accomodate growth over the next decade, he said. The new station includes seperate sleeping quarters and bathroom facilities for men and women. “We’ve done everything to make this as cost effective as possible,” he said.

Selectmen Chairman Alex Hagerty said the board unanimously supports the project. DPW Director John Stone said current facility was built in 1942 and is beyond repair. He said he supports the project as presented or similar square footage. Fire Chief Jack Glynn said need to shovel snow to get tower truck in headquarters, He said this project isn’t for the next 25-30 years, its for the next 50-75 years.

After a lengthy discussion, voters approved overwhelmningly on a voice vote. It was not unanimous.

Town Meeting adjourned at 11:06 a.m.

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