Annual Abington News bowling tourney to benefit Jacobs Scholarship

Abington News is once again sponsoring its annual community bowling tournament as part of the upcoming Abington Celebrates Christmas Weekend.

The Holiday Ball Bowling Tournament will be held Sunday, Dec. 10 at Webster Timber Lanes. Bowlers of all ages and abilities are invited to participate.

Proceeds this year will benefit the Jen Jacobs Recreation Scholarship Fund.

Jacobs was an Abington mother of two who died unexpectedly this past summer.

The Fund’s mission is to “provide children of different backgrounds and abilities with opportunities to participate in recreational and extracurricular activities that foster the learning and expansion of their unique interests.”

The bowling tournament is part of the annual Abington Celebrates Christmas Weekend that runs from Dec. 8-10.

The no-handicap tournament consists of three divisions: league bowlers, non-league bowlers, and kids.

All bowlers will roll two strings. The top four bowlers will advance to a one string semifinal roll-off. The top two bowlers will then compete in a single string final. Non- league bowlers can qualify for the semifinal and final rounds.

The top kid and non-league bowlers will receive trophies. The overall winner will win a $200 cash prize.

Cost is $20 for adults and $15 for kids. Bowlers can register through

Past Winners


Our 2020 video announcing the first tournament

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