Abington Celebrates holding poster contest

Deadline for submissions is April 5

The Abington Celebrates committee, known for hosting fun, family events has come up with a way to raise awareness and creatively connect with the community during the COVID-19 crisis with a poster design contest for the youth of Abington.

Event Coordinator Doug Ulwick said the contest is one way the committee is looking to change the tone around the ongoing pandemic.

“I was concerned about the tactics and tone that were being used to urge people to stay home and to keep their distance when they had to venture out,” he said. ” It was all very dark and threatening.  Maybe the situation is dark and threatening, but I thought we could change the tone to make it more about social responsibility.  

“I also wanted to reach a younger audience, and perhaps their families in the process, in a non-threatening manner, using their creative juices to grasp the changes in their lives and share the message in their own manner on their own terms and maybe even have some fun in the process,” added Ulwick.

The poster contest focuses on the importance of keeping your distance, staying home and staying healthy. 

To enter, email a scan or photo of your entry (8 ½ x 11 format) with the theme of either: “Stay Healthy – Keep Your Distance!”, or “Stay Healthy-Stay Home!” to abingtoncelebrates@gmail.com

The deadline to enter is Sunday, April 5th by noon.  Artists are asked to note their name and age with their entry. There will be one prize of a $10 Dairy Queen gift card for each age category. The age categories are 3-5, 6-8, 9-11, 12-14 and 15-18.

“Without over-using the ‘Abington Strong’ motto that characterizes how Abington circles the wagons in times of crisis, I still hope the community, inspired by the actions of its youth, will see the wisdom in sacrificing some of the freedoms that we all take for granted for the common good in light of a common goal–to lessen the effects of a worldwide pandemic,” said Ulwick.  

Abington Celebrates is an ad-hoc committee of volunteers who come together to plan Flag Day/Founder’s Day, Oktoberfest and Christmas at Island Grove.  Donations are held in a gift account managed by the Town of Abington.

For more information, please visit Abington Celebrates on Facebook.

DISCLOSURE: This article was written by Michele Christian, a member of the Abington Celebrates committee.