Walmart reopens after tests, cleaning

Number of employees positive for COVID-19 not yet known

The Abington Walmart is again open for business after closing last week for employee testing and cleaning.

The Abington Walmart reopened Sunday after closing for three days in order to test all employees for COVID-19 and again clean the store.

Abington Health Agent Marty Golightly required Walmart to provide a sanitation certificate from a third party stating that the store has been cleaned. He also conducted an in-person inspection and safety walk through, and reviewed the store’s plan for assessing employees prior to the start of shifts as well as measures to be taken if employees have possible virus symptoms.

Walmart has not yet disclosed whether any additional employees tested positive for COVID-19. About a dozen employees had tested positive when the store closed last week.

“The test results are not all in yet but I have requested the store communicate the amount to me,” he said.

Walmart closed its Abington and Avon stores the day after it closed its Quincy store, following an employee death in that location. More than 80 employees tested positive at Walmart’s Worcester location late last month.

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