A “very unusual” fire

AFD battles super-charged blaze

When Abington firefighters arrived at Central Street Thursday, they immediately knew it wasn’t a normal house fire.

Not only was smoke visible from three corners of the two-story home, but smoke was also pouring out from the utility pole across from the house.

“We knew it was something serious,” said Deputy Fire Chief Jack Glynn.

The fire department had actually been at the house the night before, after the home was struck by lightning during Wednesday’s fast moving storm. On Thursday afternoon the homeowner again called the fire department after turning on the faucet and getting a jolt of electricity.

Glynn said one of the main power transmission lines shook loose from the top of the pole and was bouncing on the lower voltage house service line.

Glynn said firefighters bounced from one hotspot to another chasing smoke and smoldering fires before National Grid cut the power.

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