ON THE STUMP: VanNest running for Board of Health

[EDITOR’S NOTE: To help promote this year’s Town Elections, Abington News will print candidacy announcements. If interested, please email your candidacy announcement to AbingtonNews@gmail.com. We will not edit the announcements, but reserve the right to request changes.]

My name is Katie VanNest of Colonial Rd., and I am pursuing one of the open seats for the 3-year term on the Board of Health this upcoming April. 

After doing research about the many responsibilities the Board of Health oversees, I felt compelled to put myself out there. I feel strongly about caring for people’s physical and mental well-being, which is why I went into the nursing profession. I would love to be able to bring my education and experience to the Abington BOH to make Abington a healthier and stronger community. 

-Katie VanNest

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