ON THE STUMP: Christian running for Board of Health

[EDITOR’S NOTE: To help promote this year’s Town Elections, Abington News will print candidacy announcements. If interested, please email your candidacy announcement to AbingtonNews@gmail.com. We will not edit the announcements, but reserve the right to request changes.]

Lifelong resident and current Chairman of the Abington Board of Health,  Aaron Christian, has announced his candidacy for re-election to a 3-year seat on the Board of  Health in the Abington town election scheduled for April 30, 2022.  

Christian is a Senior at Suffolk University with a major in business management. He is also an  Eagle Scout and Chartered Organization Representative for Abington Boy Scout Troop 41.  Christian is currently employed at Webster Timber Lanes in Abington. 

As an Eagle Scout, Christian completed a project that donated two Automated External  Defibrillators to the American Legion and United Church of Christ. Christian also offered  CPR/AED training to members of those facilities. This project cementing in his desire to help  others and serve his community.  

During his time on the Board of Health, Christian has tackled many issues such as plastic bag  waste, mosquito control, modernized tobacco regulations, vaping, and pandemic response. Christian has spent many hours volunteering at the local compost site and assisted in continued  operations during the pandemic.  

Christian is also certified by the Local Public Health Institute in: Body Art Programs for  Regulators, Holding Effective Meetings, and How to Hold a Public Hearing is Massachusetts. He  is certified by Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Health in COVID-19 contact  tracing and certified by FEMA in Continuity of Operations Planning for Pandemic Influenzas,  Incident Command System, Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response, and the  National Incident Management system.  

“Serving Abington in this capacity for the past three years has been a privilege, and I look  forward to meeting residents and continuing to tackle the challenges that have been shadowed by  this pandemic,” said Christian.  

For more information, please contact Aaron  Christian – Abington Board of Health on Facebook.

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