Abington COPES fundraiser Saturday night

Abington COPES is holding a fundraiser Saturday from 7 p.m. – 10 p.m., at Abington Ale House. The event, which will be held in the restaurant’s function room, will feature appetizers, raffles, a 50/50 raffle, and cake from Montillios. 

“There’s so much education that needs to go into the schools,” said Melissa Cook, chair of Abington COPES. “We’re hoping to get families out tomorrow night and get the word out into the community.”

The event is free to the public and families are welcome. 

Abington COPES is picking up the work started by the Abington Substance Awareness Coalition, a group of parents impacted by the ongoing drug scourge and other community members. Cook said the current group, which started meeting in January, is also a blend of families who have lost loved ones to drugs, people in recovery, as well as concerned parents. 

Fentanyl overdose is now the leading cause of death in people between the ages of 18-45. More than 41,000 people died from the synthetic opioid in 2021, according to statistics from the CDC. Cook lost her sister to an overdose in April 2021. 

“We want to have a positive impact on the community, to people that need us,” Cook said. “Families are struggling. There’s not enough support out here.”
Eventually the group hopes to have a helpline to assist families in need of resources. The group currently has a Facebook page, and can be reached via email at abingtoncopes@gmail.com

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