YOUR CHOICE ’23: Planning Board candidates discuss zoning ideas

Each week, the Abington News is asking the two candidates for the Planning Board board a question to help voters better understand them as candidates. Election Day is Saturday, April 29.

Because the Editor of Abington News is also a member of the Planning Board, questions for this series were crafted by Jeff Welch, a former member of the Abington Zoning Board of Appeals and past Plymouth County Commissioner. Candidate responses are published as submitted, in the order they were received, and were not edited. 

This week’s question: Is there a planning/zoning policy or practice in another community that Abington should adopt or implement? What barriers to implementation might need to be overcome?

If you missed it, here is the Question from Week 1:


Route 18 north of Sorelle’s Restaurant is currently zoned Industrial with a Marijuana overlay district. There are a couple of large parcels there that could be developed or redeveloped. They are the Pool Place/Christmas Place and the contractor’s yard. I would like to see Abington change the zoning along Route 18 north of Sorelle’s to the zoning that Weymouth has north of the Abington town line on Route 18 that allows for mixed use commercial-residential uses. If this was adopted in Abington I would want to keep  the Marijuana overlay district. Barriers to overcome would be I think the preference in Abington would be not to allow the really tall buildings being built near the Commuter rail station on Route 18 in Weymouth. I think this can be overcome by only allowing buildings to built to the current maximum height in Abington. This proposal would benefit Abington by allowing residential and commercial development in the area which adds to the tax base and having residential development near the commuter rail station.

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