GREEN WAVE PREVIEW: Football team ready to end Kelliher era strong

(Responses provided by Asst. Coach Ed Reilly. Photos used with permission from Bill Marquardt/

TEAM: Football

COACHES: Head Coach: Jim Kelliher (50th year), Assts: Ed Reilly, Jim Daly, Scott Pifer, Dave Lyons, Mike Bruning, Jason Brown.

Freshman coaches: Mbela Kabongo, Kalonji Kabongo, Tom Shepherd, and Keith Faxon 

PROGRAM SIZE: Approximately 40 varsity and 20 freshmen

KEY PLAYERS: Captains: Connor Pease, Connor O’Donnell and Alex Mullen.

Connor Pease is a four year starter and returning All Star at TE/DE. AJ Nash and Will Leblanc return at RB and Michael Reilly at QB. Keep an eye on sophomores Mason Nash, Kingston Maxwell, and Ryan Solimini. 

CIRCLED GAMES: Rockland is always circled. Expecting our league to be very competitive across the board. 

KEYS TO SUCCESS THIS SEASON: Details, everything matters, every rep, every play, every day matters.  Improve everyday. 

ANY EXTRA PRESSURE TO ENSURE COACH KELLIHER ENDS HIS CAREER WITH A STRONG SEASON? I wouldn’t say extra pressure but extra motivation and excitement.  He’s meant so much to this program that we all owe it to him to give our best every day and every rep. 

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