YOUR CHOICE ’23: Planning Board candidates asked about new multi-family housing law

Each week, the Abington News is asking the two candidates for the Planning Board board a question to help voters better understand them as candidates. Election Day is Saturday, April 29.

Because the Editor of Abington News is also a member of the Planning Board, questions for this series were crafted by Jeff Welch, a former member of the Abington Zoning Board of Appeals and past Plymouth County Commissioner. Candidate responses are published as submitted, in the order they were received, and were not edited. 

This week’s question: One of the biggest issues facing communities in Eastern Massachusetts has been the enactment of the MBTA Communities Zoning Law. While the perceived negative impacts on towns has been the primary focus of media attention, not much has been said about potential benefits. Do you see any opportunities in the law that Abington can use to its advantage?

If you missed it, here is the Question from Week 1 and Week 2:


I think its important to note that the MBTA Communities Zoning Law requires communities to allow for multi family housing near commuter rail stations. It does not require that it be built. I think that by encouraging multi family housing it stops large lot single family development which chews up open space. If multiple units are done in clusters with open space around them it will allow for the preservation of open space while helping the town to address the requirements of the MBTA Communities Zoning Law.